Conquent: Without Limits
Conquent: Without Limits
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Reality is Mind Blowing Enough

2012-08-30 15:54:05
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There are people who talk about how LSD opened their minds by letting them look at the world from a different perspective. Iím beginning to wonder what a ďnormalĒ perspective is.

Iím sitting in a steel tube thatís moving at over 500 miles an hour 30,000 feet above the ground as I sip a Columbia Valley Syrah and nibble on my green salad. Out the window is a patchwork of farmland with the Mississippi River cutting a swath that seems almost inconsequtial in the vastness of the patchwork landscape.

And Iím writing about this whole thing on a little MacBook Air that tells me that I spelled inconsequential wrong.

Next to me a man is watching a Harry Potter movie on a small screen. The images of teleportation, shape-shifting and demonic creatures are almost commonplace as Iíve seen the movies before.

The black band on my wrist lights up to tell me the time in Atlanta -- I synchronized my FuelBand while my laptop was on Eastern time and now itís on Eastern time, too. It also has a little, colorful bar that lights up and tells me that Iíve been sitting all day -- the band on my wrist is taunting my lack of activity.

I have to wonder what ďnormalĒ would be like. Seeing the world only from the ground, travelling at a walking pace of 3 miles an hour. Switching to my calculator I see that 3,000 miles would take 125 days or over 4 months to walk the distance Iím travelling in 5 hours today.

And, finally, Iím not only blowing my own mind as Iím trapped in a tin can darting through the upper atmosphereÖ I can connect my thoughts with the universe (or at least the online universe) while sitting in my recliner sipping Glen Livet and coffee. The Internet has permeated the skies and my mind is expanded to the globe.

Woah. Dude. Reality is a mindblowerÖ

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