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Video Projectors for your phone

2009-08-04 09:15:06
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Smart phones are basically mobile computers. We watch video on them, review PowerPoint presentations, pull up the news and art. Heck, with the iPhone pushing the limits, people are watching full length movies and companies like Netflix are looking at ways to make their entire catalog of movies available on the phone.

The real drawback is the size of the display. I mean, how many times have you wanted to share something you have on your screen with a friend or colleague and you have to hand them your phone? I don't know about you, but I hate handing people my phone...

The obvious solution is a built in projector using laser pointer technology.

Televisions (the CRT type, not our new panels), work by taking three colors beams (Red Green Blue, hence RGB colors) and focusing them on a single point to create a spot of color. So, get yourself a Red, a Green, and a Blue laser pointer and bind all three to move in sync with each other.

This could be done using a diffuser (a LCD lens could do the trick or a flexible lens that modulates at just the right frequency). Focal distance would probably be limited, but you'd get a viewing area much bigger than the 3.5" screen, and for movies the 480x320 screen resolution would still be just fine.

Unfortunately, it doesn't exist yet, but one can dream...

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