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Saturday Yard Work

2009-05-09 14:32:13
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It started simply enough. Saturday morning going over to Markie's and mowing the lawn. Ironic, as I had bought a row house specifically because I hate yard work. I mean, I always strove for the "neglected" look as the "abandoned" look that was easier to maintain was some sort of hazard; at least that's what the fire marshal seemed to think.

Needless to say, mowing the lawn was an extreme gesture of affection. Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but a man who mows the lawn is priceless. It only took about half an hour, so it was a pretty good investment on my part. The fact I prefer to compost the clippings added a little time, but it's fascinating watching the debris turn to mulch with just a few turns of a pitchfork an a little time.

Then I noticed the roses on the side yard falling into neglect. I figured it would be a shame to let them die, and they were getting in my way mowing, so I started pruning them. That added a few more minutes, but it really made the side yard look a lot better.

Of course, mowing on its own isn't enough; turns out that edging isn't just for anal retentive types. We didn't have sidewalks in my old house, and the HOA takes care of them at the row house. Who knew that if you don't edge, the grass starts to eat into the concrete? Now that adds another half hour or so.

Edging on its own is only half the battle. It kicks up a lot of dirt that needs to cleaned up. Out comes the leaf blower, and while it's out, I might as well clean up the street a little. It's amazing how much dirt and outright garbage you end up with as you run the leaf blower along the gutter, and with a house on the corner, that's twice as much crap to sweep up.

So, in the end, my little gesture has turned into at least two to three hours of edging, mowing, pruning, turning compost and cleanup. Now I've got a nice little organized area in the basement with tools and yard stuff. Downright suburban, it is...

It's a slippery slope into domesticity... but covered in an immaculate, carpet of lawn.

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Kristen: Re: Saturday Yard Work
2009-05-09 21:43:02

I got up, heard the lawnmower running, went outside to say hi to Chris, saw the puppies, and was happy. The joys of renting...someone *else* does the yardwork! :)

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