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Getting back to HTML basics, thanks to Apple

2010-08-31 08:00:01
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I've ranted a few times against the whole idea of "Web 2.0" and against the idea that somehow the tools are "new" or that they've made the Internet a more vibrant place. (See Old School Web Design Still Works and Flash: Shiny objects blinding your audience.) I also keep complaining about how Apple pretends to be "innovative" and "magical" while marketing tools that we've been using for years.

Ironic that we did a really basic "flash game" in basic HTML specifically to make sure the thing would work on the iPad. Didn't even have to build an app for that, existing tools worked fine.

The game itself is one of those basic interactive widgets that I, honestly, don't understand the attraction of, but people seem to love playing with. In this case, you paint the face of some fan for Tyson's fall football promotion -- you can put headgear on them, stickers on their cheeks and color their faces. Go ahead, play with the copy we've got on our development server by clicking here.

This is a classic application for Flash, only Apple has decided not to support Flash on iPhones, iTouch and iPads using their iOS (operating system). Then again, my Windows Mobile phone doesn't support Flash and I have a real problem with using any plug-in technology just because it's there.

Our team made something that actually works in web browsers -- any web browser -- using really basic HTML and GIF images. I admit, the overall execution has some flaws, but the thing works in IE6, on the iPad, and even on Opera mini on my Windows Mobile phone. That's quite a feat...

So, while I'll continue to bitch about Apple confusing the marketplace by presenting spin as technology, I have to admit, the limits placed on the world by that magical company allow us to get back to basics and make stuff that works.

I guess you just have to think different(ly).

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