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New Media/Old Media and the CLIO Awards

2009-05-10 16:03:20
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I'll be heading to the 2009 Clio Awards tomorrow. No, I'm not getting an award, other than the honor of having been invited and getting a full pass to all the events. The invite was for the work that Carri, Helen and I did on the Mad Men Twitter campaign and they'd like us to live, ahem, tweet1

It's exciting, sure, but...

Look, I've been pushing this envelope for so long you could put a small country in it. I started online advertising in '95 when the only ad model was a 468x60 banner and the only option was to buy or sell on a cost per thousand impression model.

We invented ways to track clicks and then buy and sell clicks, then we had to invent ways to track purchases or form fill outs so we could buy and sell on actions. Then we shattered the banner ad and got into all sorts of stuff.

I had a Palm Pilot with a cell modem on it back in 97 and we started developing mobile apps for sales people who needed mobile sales and inventory tracking (there was an App for that a LONG time ago, Apple). And, don't get me started on Social Media widgets, which I was working on back in '98 when Social Media was called "viral".

The thing that has slowed me down over the years has been being too far ahead of the curve. When I was selling web development back in '95, I had to sell dial-up to get people online and THEN get them interested in a website. Fairly long sales cycle.

When I was pitching mobile apps in 2000, most people were still just getting the hang of text messaging. Heck, when I was selling computers in the late '80s there were bulletin boards, but no Internet...

Over the past couple years things have come together. Not only has the market matured, but Conquent has the portfolio and the experience to bridge a wide range of industries and the equally wide range of media you can push your message through (web, social platforms, mobile, and don't screw traditional in the process). Getting the multimedia world of broadband right across all these properties is a trick, but nothing new to the team.

What's exciting is taking these tested ideas (mobile, social media and just plain old fashioned web) and hooking them up in new ways to new campaigns. Our recent work with Hill and Knowlton has shown me that the traditional world is hungry for these tools. It's hard to find a group that can talk plain english about these complex topics, and that's where Conquent comes in. It's not buzzwords, it's not jumping on the latest band wagon, it's just plain old business and marketing sense using the tools to get the job done.

I'm really looking forward to talking with folks at the CLIOs to see what they're looking for next, and maybe show them a few things they haven't thought of...

Note 1: I really hate that term "tweet"; I mean "posting" is fine. But as we don't search, we "Google", the branding of activities continues to grow.

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