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Pandora becomes more like Radio

2011-09-28 09:55:42
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I hate commercial radio. I generally don't like the mix of music they play, or rather, the extremely limited mix of music they play, I don't like the DJs commentary, and most of all, I hate the ads.

For some reason radio advertising means loud auto dealers. Not the national brands, which have learned how to create somewhat understated advertising, but local car dealerships. You can't turn on the radio without some local name who has huge inventory that has to be moved today yelling at you.

I've never understood why auto dealers have this need to yell when selling their cars... probably too much time around the auto shop causing hearing loss. Or maybe too many demos of the incredible stereo system.

Whatever the reason, car dealer ads are the most jarring, obnoxious interruption to any music. Bad enough on a rock station, but a little relaxation with light jazz is immediately negated by one yelling car salesman.

It was bad enough when I had to keep hearing ads about online backup services on Pandora, but at least they were sensitive to the fact that I might actually be listening to something mellower than acid rock.

But now Pandora has found the joys of localized advertising. In the middle of my Stan Getz mix, Dick Hannah comes on the speakers talking about how buying a car is less expensive than having a kid in High School band.

I makes streaming audio more like radio. There's no way to skip the ad, although I can turn off my speakers. Which is kind of what I do when I'm listening to the radio in the car -- I leave.

I'm sure Pandora makes more money off advertising than the annual fees they charge for the advertising free version of the service (which Markie paid for over at the salon). And, honestly, I know advertising supports a LOT of my industry.

I just wish it wasn't always the lowest common denominator.

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