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Mr. Monopoly sells gas

2011-10-03 19:07:29
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Driving home today, I came across this gas station in Lake Oswego, Oregon, called "Bill's Old Fashion Service." Apparently the "Old Fashion" was to use Mr. Monopoly as the mascot of the gas station.

Granted, I never saw Rich Uncle Pennybags in a jumpsuit, but if the character from the '30s was to imagine what a gas station attendant of the far off future of 2011 might look like, I'm guessing he'd look a lot like the guy in the Bill's logo.

But lifting Parker Brother's iconic old man is one thing... Taunting me with the fact that while, yes, having a full tank makes me happy, paying the banker who is quietly buying up all the real estate around Park Place and Boardwalk just ticks me off in this economy.

(Drinking Game Alert: Any time someone uses the phrase "in this economy" you have do to a shot. And if you're playing that game, I'll see you in our adjoining rooms at the Betty Ford Clinic when your liver gives out... in about three weeks.)

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