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The End of Days (of song): Microsoft Songsmith Example

2009-01-10 09:11:39
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@ericgerhardt posted a link to a Microsoft SongSmith song in response to my blog, the Death of your Soul... and it's exactly what I feared... Actually, it might be worse...

I grabbed a copy for posterity, and for when the revolution comes so I have a torture device close at hand. Be prepared, it isn't pretty, but it is probably a perfect example of a Microsoft Songsmith "song" with a, um, "SongSmith cover" of Running with the Devil.

As a side note, I publish this blog in the hobbyist vein -- I don't expect to generate much of a stir, but I am surprised at the amount of traffic this topic has generated to the site. I think there are a lot of folks showing up here because they are looking for more information on how to use it and actually want to use the tool.

If you're one of those folks, leave a comment, or send a private note using our contact form. I really hope I don't hear a radio jingle using Songsmith, but I'd like to see how people can make something good from this soulless thing...

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@mizd: Re: The End of Days (of song): Microsoft Songsmith Example
2009-01-10 11:12:20

@bissell Nooooo! What have they done to Diamond Dave? Gawd that was horrible. Songsmith is just.... I have no words. ::shudder:

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