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Sometimes you don't want your campaign to go viral

2009-09-25 11:30:12
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I just donít know when Microsoft is going to learn they aren't cool. Iíll defend Microsoft on a lot of territory -- their open platform (not as open as Linux, but WAY more open than Apple), the customization the OS allows with a wide range of hardware, and a lot of great software from the dull but very functional office suite through their gaming platform and even their mobile software (now that WM 6.1 is out).

But they have to stop trying to be cool.

In particularly, there's this lame video trying to get people to host a Windows 7 Launch Party. Sure, people have parties for all sorts of commercial things like season premiers and new books or debates and elections. But this? I think not

Of course, there's the problem with trying to get your message out there in a cool hip way when you're obviously not cool or hip. People will make fun of you, and it's usually going to be a LOT more amusing to watch. Like this censored version of the same video -- not only more entertaining, but a lot shorter too:

Maybe that idea to tap into social networks needed a little thought first...

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