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Conquent: Without Limits
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Who needs an URL anyhow?

2010-03-11 16:43:35
Shortcut URL:

The printer brought by the fliers that I'm taking with me to SXSW so we have a little more than a business card to drop on people when talking about Conquent. As usual, Purnima did a great design job:

As we were going through the design process, we decided to keep it to some of the highlights of the past year and not clutter it with words or contact info. When looking at the proof we had some discussion of whether at least should have been included and we decided that it was absolutely unnecessary for a brand like Conquent.

If we were XYZ Co or Bob's Management Group, sure. But we're Conquent, and nobody else is. Go to Google and type in Conquent, you get us. Go to, you get us. And if you happen to stumble upon a domain squatter, our brand is pretty recognizable, and squatters are not Conquent.

I've made the point for years that you shouldn't settle for a domain name that's just like your competitor (see You figured .biz, .info, .us would work fine), but more importantly, you need a strong brand that will carry itself with no explanation. Even with something as hard to explain as Conquent.

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