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GPS in a Laptop computer

2009-10-10 08:26:25
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I found myself on a random blog on which was questioning if there is an actual use that justifies GPS in notebooks. There seems to be an idea that GPS is only used in those consoles in your dashboard and the only time you would want to know where you are is if you're in a car.

I use Google Maps on my Windows Mobile phone all the time to find businesses nearby. That "nearby" bit is important because when I'm traveling I often have no idea where I am (the cab driver knows where the hotel is, I don't have to).

I usually work around the lack of GPS in my laptop by typing in the name of the hotel or the office that I'm at, and Google finds it. But there are the times I don't have enough info to really figure out where I am, right now, on Google, and asking someone "Where am I?" doesn't exactly give that executive air of confidence I like to exude at business meetings.

Not only that, but if you read my blog Socializing is more than Social Media you'll know that I believe real-world connections are important, and social media is still too random -- if you're in the coffee shop and want to connect with your, ahem, Tweeple, a GPS tool in your laptop can make it easier to find them and announce your location.

So, having GPS on my laptop would give me a lot more geographically relevant info with a better interface than my phone -- and damn straight that's an actual use that justifies GPS in a notebook.

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