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Bad Restroom Health Sign

2010-03-31 18:23:40
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We have the complicated job of taking business process and turning it into pretty pictures that people can follow. We call it the web, but we have close cousins in the world of instructional signs.

Unfortunately, a lot of people just don't think about how the human mind works. Take this for example:

I know they're saying wash your hands after using the restroom and before serving food, but, to me, it looks more like this process:
  1. Enter the Restroom
  2. Scoop some crap out of the toilet and warm it under hot water
  3. Be sure to get it really warm
  4. Serve the hot, wet crap on noodles

You'd think people who make restroom health signs would have a little process review. And maybe enough of a sense of humor to see this kind of thing. And, apparently, you'd be wrong.

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Michael T. Hardesty: Re: Bad Restroom Health Sign
2010-03-31 18:54:47

All three of my household humans laughed at this. Well, actually Liz was like, huh?

Cynthia Edwards: Re: Bad Restroom Health Sign
2010-03-31 19:04:03

And to think the Health Department hands these out.

Debbie Dresner: Re: Bad Restroom Health Sign
2010-04-01 08:37:04


Bruce Dickson: Re: Bad Restroom Health Sign
2010-04-01 11:00:55

Hope this doesn't explain popularity of meatballs and spaghetti in America ...

John Bissell: Re: Bad Restroom Health Sign
2010-04-05 10:55:09

Maybe send this on to the Health Department. It is really funny.

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