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Cougars from New Zealand (and I don't mean big cats)

2010-01-21 12:11:23
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Seems to me that as the world gets smaller, what we find controversial gets less relevant. Take this video for example (posted by @Ryan_Drumwright on his Facebook page). The comment on the video says:

"The ad from air New Zealand, to advertise their grabaseat deals, that had to be banned from the air due to people's complaints about the use of the term cougar.... "

Naturally, I found the thing amusing, as it was intended. Of course, I like women of that age, but then I'm not a Cub -- yeah, they had to come up with a name for the young men that Cougars apparently prey on. Not that I've actually heard of a man in his 20s complaining that he got picked up by a woman who only had sex on her mind, other than maybe she wasn't the hot 20-something he was hoping to take home that night...

Anyhow, I figured the office would enjoy the clip, so I pulled it up on the big screen in the front room and, surprise, no offense, but there was one question: "What's a P Addict?"

Apparently it's a Kiwi term for a meth addict, which is interesting because people are more upset about the use of the word Cougar than they are about using "P Addicts" to "cull their numbers." I mean, outrage is warranted for an ad that trivializes a debilitating addiction, but not because older, single women, are interested in casual encounters with younger, also single, adult men.

But, with the Internet, anything can become controversy really fast, and be forgotten equally fast.

Also in tonight's news, Haiti, economic crisis in the US continues, I need to scoop the cat box and a whole bunch of stuff more important than women who want to have sex.

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