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2010-03-15 06:45:57
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I just watched the Oscar winning short "logorama"

Fun film, great animation, but that's pretty much how I see L.A. -- so is it really satire or just way too close to home?

The volume of screens
Sleeping through miracles

Bruce Dickson: Re: Logorama
2010-03-16 08:35:01

Given how ugly I already find so many roadsides and urban streetscapes, watching this was almost too much to bear!

John Bissell: Re: Logorama
2010-03-18 09:46:54

How did they do this without a slew of law suits? It's all about the brand, and I think they took liberties with a few brands here. I would think at least Michelin and McDonald's would be upset by this.

Michael Bissell: Re: Logorama
2010-03-18 17:17:02

John: Really? You think McDonald's would be upset at the depiction of Ronald McDonald as a homicidal maniac? Well... maybe...

When I was at the Clio Awards last year they had a "mascot walk of fame" where the Michelin Man (Bib to his friends), Charlie the Tuna and a couple other brand mascots made it to the Brand walk of Fame. Ronald wasn't in attendance because McDonald's said, "Ronald McDonald is not a mascot, he's our Chief Happiness Officer."

Someone's been working the fry station a little too long...

Kristen: Re: Logorama
2010-03-19 17:45:35

It looks just like LA! LOLOL.

Kyra: Re: Logorama
2010-03-21 21:25:41

aww, they had Linux penguins in the zoo! :D
but yeah... LA really does look like a bunch of logos. sigh.

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