Conquent: Without Limits
Conquent: Without Limits
Michael Bissell's Bio

Social Media Development

In addition to traditional web development and Internet application management, Mr. Bissell has been responsible for a number of social media initiatives

  • Mad Men on Twitter
    Created a range of tools to support and promote AMC's Mad Men characters on Twitter including "tweeting" for Roger Sterling. Developed online events and "live tweeted" real-word events such as the Clio Awards.

  • Social Platform
    Developed a platform for publishing and formatting content on multiple social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, etc) including a wide range of tracking tools (URL shortening, click through support, pass along value, etc.)

  • Facebook Applications
    Managed wide range of applications, codifying "Facebook Optimization" practices, API integration, and tracking systems. Some specific projects include

    • Creation of Facebook application to allow customers to sign up for an account, schedule calls and invite friends. Development allowed for upgrade to premium, fee based services.

    • Tyson Foods: Sweepstakes application including User Generated Content contest (daily photo and text challenges). Required legal integration, moderation tools, and notification tools.

    • Michelin: Simple "mega status" game to engage visitors, increase awareness of the company page, and introduce Michelin management to Facebook.

    • Other Facebook Tools: Contextual integration of Facebook widgets on ecommerce and entertainment pages to direct traffic to appropriate content/landing pages and expand brand awareness while maintaining control of the visitor's experience.